Tips For Healthy Hair

Who does not love to have a bunch of healthy hair? In order to have the healthy hair people does not hesitate to spend ridiculous amounts of money on shampoo and conditioner combo sets promising silky smooth tresses. Once you will go to a hair dresser they will starts to recommend a list of high class products from designers and it will cost a lot for your zip, hence it is always advised not to hours at the salon and buying expensive products with some silly ingredients. If you really feel that your hair is damaged, here we present few tips for healthy hair to give your hair an amazing and beautiful look.

  • Take healthy nutrition: A well-balanced diet is very much helpful in keeping your hair healthy. A balanced diet in the sense the diet should be rich with protein, zinc, biotin, and omega-3 fatty acids. The protein helps to retain the brittle hair, promote growth and maintain color where as the zinc and fatty acid help to condition hair and support a healthy scalp.

healthy nutrition

  • Drink plenty of water: Drinking enough water ensures healthy hair and it will help your hair to become more shiner in reducing brittle strands and causes your hair to grow at a rapid speed. Hence never forget to drink plenty of water after meal.
  • Limit heat usage: If you are using heat to your hair on daily basis, certainly you are more prone towards hair damage, in fact you may face severe hair fall. Hence it is always advised to use the heat within the limit, so that you will avoid the consequences. Instead of heating you can try changing to ceramic irons and air drying so that you can retain your healthy hair.

  • Pick the right product: Expensive hair care products will ensure healthy hair; this assumption does not work out always. Always go for the hair care product recommended by a professional hair dresser.  You can mix your daily used hair care products along with the recommended product like having a moisturized shampoo with dandruff conditioner as long as it suits with your certain hair type.
  • Washing your hair:  It has been noticed that some people damaging their hair while rinsing without realizing that when you massage your hair while washing  the hair will become frizz and brittle. Hence when you are washing your hair make sure that you are applying the shampoo and conditioner gently and sparingly.


  • Brush right: Always go for natural boar bristles for dry hair and a rubber tooth wide paneled brush, so that you will have a bunch of healthy hair.  Brushing should always be done prior to shampooing because it will stimulate your scalp and blood flow to follicles.
  • Deep conditioning treatments: Deep condition at least once every two weeks is always recommended as it will help to retain the healthy hair. A deep conditioning will always will keep your hair strengthen strands as it penetrate the hair shaft.