Some Common Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

The word pregnancy means a lot to every woman. Soon after conception every women will eagerly want to know more about pregnancy. This article will certainly guide you about the early symptom associated with pregnancy. There exist several symptoms which is an indication of potential pregnancy, just follow it.

Missing normal menstrual cycle: A Missing menstrual cycle is the first and fore most sign of pregnancy. If you have experienced a missing menstrual cycle, it is advised to make a pregnancy test so that you will get the status of your pregnancy.

Frequent urination: Medical science has revealed that frequent urination is also another early symptom of pregnancy.  During the time of pregnancy there will be an excess release of hCG hormone, hence you will face frequent urination.

Feeling tired and fatigue: Feeling tired and fatigue is the symptom associated with every disorder, however in case of feeling the intensity of fatigue will be very high compared to other disorder. The high secretion of progesterone will make your body exhausted and you will feel very tired during the whole pregnancy period. In fact it will hamper your day to day activities also.
Feeling tired and fatigueSwelling of breast: As the levels of progesterone and estrogen hormones increased during the pregnancy period it will lead towards swelling of breast. And the swelling of breast is a clear indication of pregnancy. In fact the cell of the breast will become sensitive throughout the whole pregnancy period.

Feeling the heat of morning sickness and vomiting: Once you conceived, you will start to face the heat of morning sickness since the very first day. Every morning you will not found any interest in the surrounding as well as you will feel a vomiting sensation.
morning sickness and vomitingAbnormalities in normal breathing; an abnormal breathing cycle and breaching of rhythmic breath cycle, indicates that you are conceiving. The sign of abnormal breathing is a huge lead of pregnancy confirmation. If you are experiencing this problem, it is highly recommended to go for a pregnancy detection test for confirmation.

Feeling a different taste sensation: At the beginning of pregnancy period you will experience a change in the feeling of normal taste. According to medical science person who are conceiving will feel metallic taste with their every food.
home pregnancy testShowing the sign of cramp and bloating: This symptom is considered as the earliest symptom among all the symptoms of pregnancy.  The cramping and bloating starts soon after the last menstrual cycle and it persist till the birth of the baby.

Last but not the least a positive home pregnancy test: In the home pregnancy test if you have noticed a small hyaline blue line appearance certainly you are conceiving and proceeding towards a pregnancy. This small attempt might have helped you to some extent in gathering all the earl symptoms of pregnancy.

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