Some Apparent Tips For Glamorous Makeup

Glamorous Makeup Tips: Well, applying makeup is an art. A well applied make up will improve your glamour quotient where as badly done makeup can actually mar the beauty instead of enhancing it. Certainly makeup is a kind of experimentation, but there are certain basic procedures which can’t be avoided at any cost. Those basic steps of makeup will allow you to achieve the desired look.

In order to sparkle with glamour, here we are sharing some knowledge and to reveal the more glamorous you!  Just follow the steps to get the basic right.

Glamorous Makeup

  1. A concealer a shade lighter is the first step of makeup and the concealer a shade will give the best makeup look when it is used dotted over the blemishes or under eye dark circles and smoothed over the skin with fingertips or sponge.
  2. Picking the right foundation for your make up is always a tough job, hence it is always advised pick a foundation which will matches your skin tone exactly, all over the face before blending it with finger tips or makeup sponge. In order to get a fairer look never go for a lighter shade because it will make your skin appear patchy.
  3. Loose or compact powder comes second in the process of makeup. The Loose or compact powder will help to keeps the makeup in place for a longer period of time. In fact the loose or compact powder is very much helpful in covering up the uneven texture of skin.

  4. The above mentioned two steps is the basic step of makeup and once the basic step is ready you can proceed to move to the most important part of the face, the eyes. In order to apply the makeup to the eye you can use a hard and slanted brush to do your eyebrows with powdered eyebrow shadow. Use of black pencil is never recommended as can make brows look unnatural.
  5. For a glamorous makeup three shades of eye shadows are always recommended. The darkest one among the three should be used just line your upper eyelid along the upper lashes and the medium shade should be used for the crease and lightest shade under the eyebrow.
  6. A thin liner brush or an eyeliner pencil can also be used at the lower lid below the lashes and lash line very close to the upper lashes and certainly this step can multiply your glamour quotient to many times.  If you want to achieve different results with your makeup you can try a different eye liner.
  7. If you are going to apply a light colored eye pencil inside the lower lid it will give a look of open up eyes and make them appear large. Certainly outlining the eyes with any color which suit you most will enhance your outfit and complements your complexion in the society. The use of mascara will opens up the eyes and it will give a dramatic appearance when it is used on both upper and lower lashes. Just follow these steps and increase your glamour quotient.