Skin Care Tips

Every one of us wants to maintain a healthy skin, hair and ageing free skin. Isn’t it? In order to maintain a healthy skin most of us opting for internal and external beauty practices by spending hours of valuable time and huge amount of money. In fact people just love to do it and they are not leaving any stone un turned to look younger than their age. But the basic is always same and that is taken care of your skin.

Skin Care

Here we are presenting some handy skincare tips for your skin to have a glamorous look.

  1. Prior to take opting for any skincare activities access your skin type and accordingly use the products geared towards your skin type. Dry skin, oily skin, normal skin are the major kind of skin and keeping in mind the above skin type the skincare specialist customize the skincare products. Hence first you determine what type of skin you have and determine what your skin type is first in order to know which skincare products work best for your skin.
  2. Always keep your skin moisturized and it can be done by using a good moisturizing cream. Drinking plenty of water is the first step which will enable you to keep your skin moisturized. Skincare professionals always suggest having Six to ten glasses of water so that you can keep your skin and cell moisturized.
  3. Cleansing of skin one to two times a day is always advised so that you can have a perfect skin for you.  Use lukewarm water for the purpose of skin cleaning will remove all the dirt and grime that will clog your pores as well as other environmental pollutants from your skin.
  4. Use scrubs and exfoliants two to three times a week is a good practice as it will help to remove all the dead skins. Never scrubs and exfoliants more aggressively as it will lead to damage your skin, hence always handle your skin properly.

  5. Getting a good moisturizer for your skin is also equally important else your skin will break or tear and finally it will become unattractive. Hence get a good moisturizer for your skin and apply it with slightly damp.
  6. Skincare professionals never recommend to use of soap as it will excessively strip your skin of oil leaving it dry and vulnerable so that you will lose your glamour quotient with your skin. Instead of soap you can try a cleanser as it is best for your face and neck.
  7. Applying sunscreen lotion to your skin on a regular basis will protect your skin from the aging and harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. The melanin content on black skin has an intrinsic SPF of about 10 to 11, hence the black skin need the sunscreen lotion most. Exercise and healthy diet is the another aspect which you have to take care of in order to maintain a good skin. Follow the above steps to have a healthy and ageing free skin.