Simple Ways to Increase Your Height Naturally

Irrespective of gender and age every one of us will like to maintain an optimum height according to their body mass index. However a lot of exception has been observed to the above mentioned points. All over the world a large scale of population face the problems of short height. Here is a guide for you to increase your height naturally. As far as height increase is concerned you have to take care of 2 aspects i.e  Nutrient Supplement  &  The physical way

1) Nutrient Supplement:

Calcium: You might be aware that calcium has a lion’s share in the skeletal system. Hence if you have a proper calcium level in your body you can ensure an optimum height for your body. If you want to increase your height try to consume calcium with your daily food, especially coral calcium is very effective in increasing your height.

Milk & Soya bean:  Both the milk and soya bean are rich source of protein and in particular milk is very rich in calcium and vitamin D also. Both the nutrients are very handy in increasing your height. Consuming both the diet on regular basis will definitely help to increase the height.

Chicken & Beef: All physical trainer and dieticians always recommend animal protein to increase your height. As far as animal protein is concerned chicken and beef are the diet enriched with animal protein to increase your height.

2)  The physical way

Make a workout chart and stick to it: In order to increase your height physical exercise is the most recommended one. If you have an access to gym, put your bag and start working out at gym. The gym instructor will guide you properly to reach your goal. However if you don’t have the facility of gym you can try all the height increase exercise at your own place.

Skipping:  Skipping will enable your body for a proper blood circulation and proper muscular exercise. Daily skipping will definitely help to increase your body height significantly. In fact this is the simplest exercise to increase your body height.

Stretching and hanging vertically: Vertical stretching and hanging will stretch your vertebral column, as a result of which it will lead to increase your height. In fact this exercise will have a positive impact on your height, if you practice this exercise between 18 to 22 years of age.

Having a sound sleep: Medical science has already proven that during the time of sleep large amount of Human growth hormone is released. Hence a proper sound sleep will ensure you to increase your height.

The help of yoga: In today’s date people prefer to take the aid of yoga to increase their body height. There are various forms of yoga like bhujangaasana, sukhasana, talasana, vrksasana and trikonasana are very handy for increasing the body height. All the above mentioned form of yoga are also equally effective in keeping your body in great condition