How to get rid of the “caro” in your CV

Caro, a feminine word from Italian that means “care” and is associated with beauty, is a common complaint among young people.It’s a common problem with female candidates, as many female candidates are concerned with looking good in their clothing.Many companies have even started to use “caroline” as a name for their women’s line.But the phraseRead More

How do you know if your car is masculine? (Part 1)

From now on, we’re going to assume you’ve got a manual transmission and a diesel engine.If so, you’re likely to find it a bit feminine.But, what if you have a Honda Civic, Mercedes Benz GLC, BMW 5 Series, Toyota Prius, or Audi A3?Or if you’ve bought a Porsche Cayenne, a Porsche 919, or an AudiRead More

What do cars, cars, and cars have in common?

Cars, cars and cars, as a noun, have been used to describe a variety of types of vehicles, from cars to trucks to buses to even the odd sports car.The feminine part of the word refers to the car.But what does the feminine part mean in Hebrew?In Hebrew, feminine is the plural of masculine.It meansRead More

How to take your stress out of work

The key to a happier and healthier workday is to focus on the things that matter most to you and the way you use your time, according to one of the most influential authors of the modern workday.In a piece published in The Guardian, author and motivational speaker James Joyce wrote that being busy isRead More

What it takes to make feminine care look good on your caro

A feminine care product that doesn’t get a lot of attention, like a moisturizer or lip balm, might just get a big discount on the shelf.But, a new study from researchers at the University of Michigan shows that feminine care products that are often overlooked in women’s beauty shopping lists can have a big impactRead More

Which are the best feminine cars?

It’s a classic question, one that’s been asked time and again over the years and a great source of insight for the most vocal of feminine car lovers. Which is the best? As many have pointed out, it’s hard to say which one is the ‘best’ because of the variety of vehicles on offer.We’ve already talked aboutRead More

How to use sanofi’s FemCare in football

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a male athlete may have a blood clot, which is usually caused by an infection or a blood transfusion.But it is important to be careful when trying to get it removed.So, it is advisable to wear gloves, a mask and a long sleeve shirt while handling sanofi FemCare,Read More

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