Reliable Home Pregnancy Test Methods

Once you will miss your normal menstrual cycle, you will be very anxious to know that whether you are pregnant or not. In order to know the exact status there exists several test methods which will confirm you about your pregnancy. In fact a pregnancy test will give you the accurate result about your pregnancy status. Before proceeding for the details of the home pregnancy test, you must be aware about the test and how does it works.

An overview of pregnancy test: Human chorionic gonadotropin is the indicator hormone of pregnancy and this hormone is released once the egg gets fertilized after the sperm meets with ovum. During pregnancy the level of Human chorionic gonadotropin increases in the urine and a pregnancy test just do that.

Home Pregnancy Test Methods

Category of pregnancy test:

As on today medical science has recommended only two methodologies to confirm the pregnancy. These two methods of pregnancy test are blood test and urine test.

Blood test: When it comes to the blood test, it can be performed in the home and for that you have to take the help of doctor. Again the blood test for pregnancy is of two types’ i.e qualitative hCG test and quantitative hCG test.

In case of qualitative hCG test a blood smear is taken in a slide and after putting the reagent in the slide a visibility of hcg in the slide confirms the pregnancy. Similarly in case of quantitative hCG test the pregnancy is confirmed basing upon the quantity of the hcg.

Urine test: For urine test you don’t need to depend upon the doctor and you can do it at your home according to your convenient time. It is also called as the home test of pregnancy. And more importantly it will give you the more fast and accurate result. All you need to do is to put some drop of urine in the test kit and follow the instruction and after some time the test kit will let you know the result.

Things to be taken care of during pregnancy test: Before proceeding for the test, never forget to read the instruction. Even if the instructions are self explanatory, still at any point of time if you are unable to understand the procedure of test take the help of a physician. Now a days the test kit manufacturing companies are providing toll free number with 24*7 support assistance. Take the help of those support initiatives. Never open the test kit in a hurry, first of all prepare yourself for the test and read thoroughly the instruction information Boucher.  Once you feel that you are ready to go for the test according to the instruction given in the pamphlet then proceed for the test.

After completing the test check out the test kit color code or the plus minus symbol for result. The color code or the symbol will enable you the result. If you have a positive pregnancy result immediately consult a physician for further action and if e result comes in negative northing to worry live your normal life.

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