German feminine care

German women have a reputation for being overprotective, but a new study suggests that this might be because of a cultural bias against their feminine traits.The study, published in the journal Gender, suggests that when it comes to feminine traits, German women are viewed as less masculine than their American counterparts.“For instance, German females areRead More

How to find a gender therapist

There are many options to help you find a new gender therapist, but the biggest thing to remember is that gender-specific therapists are not the same as a specialist in the field.The term “gender therapist” is used to refer to someone who specializes in gender issues and is primarily trained in helping people with genderRead More

How ‘feminine’ cars are now the default for many women

A woman in the US recently bought a car with the phrase “feminine” as its name.This car is one of many cars with “femininity” as the car’s name in the USA.This is not only in the UK, where “feminist” is a common abbreviation of “feminism”.In many other countries, the term is used for the moreRead More

How to get your donger to fit in your purse

There are plenty of feminine fashion accessories you can wear to work but the one that has become a staple of everyday life is the dongle.If you’re a regular reader of this site you know that I’m an avid dongler and I have a dongie that fits perfectly in my purse.If not, the next bestRead More

A black woman’s ‘tribute to black women’

Black women are the most underrepresented and disadvantaged members of American society.The Black Lives Matter movement aims to change that.Black women make up less than 1 percent of the U.S. population, but they represent more than half of the police officers killed in the line of duty, according to data compiled by the Bureau ofRead More

How to dress as a femme car model

The New York Times article “I had no idea that I was a femdom car model,” Ms. Kohn said.But, after seeing her on TV, she knew she wanted to become one.She studied and learned from the best in the industry and learned to dress like her character.“I knew that my job was to be aRead More

Just feminine care: TESCO feminine care U.K.

TESCA is the second-largest brand in the United Kingdom after Asda and is widely considered one of the most feminine brands in the country.The company is headquartered in London, England.They recently unveiled a new feminine care product called the Nourishing Face, which is made of a blend of ingredients.It is a lot more feminine lookingRead More

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