Connect A Router Using

With the every passing days the use of modem and router escalates, in fact the modem and router has became a common house hold name. People use the modem for the purpose of converting the digital signal to analog where as the router is used to connect the internet by picking the best path between two points in the network. However it is equally important to set up a router in a network.  A proper set up of the router will ensure a smooth flow of the data within the network. Here we will illustrate you to connect the router with the IP as a gateway.

Briefing the
The IP is a bi-default feature with most of the routers. In fact all the routers manufacturers prefer to have the IP as a default one, so that there will be a hassles experience during the installation of the router in the network. During installation of the router to the network the acts as a gateway to the control panel.

Things to be taken care of while installing the router:

Installation of the router t the internet does not mean the connecting the system to the internet. Installation of router is all about creating a network. However during installing the router make sure that you have disabled all the service of antivirus and firewall in the background. Once you are sure the disability of the service, proceed to connect the router.

Process to connect a router using

  1. For installing a router it need a gateway and the does the same. The first and foremost step to install a router is to open a web browser and type on the browser. Preferably go for the internet explorer and browse for
  2. The on the web browser will direct you to the configuration page of the router, where you can make the desire change in the setting of the router. On the configuration page you will have the access to other features like number of attached device, parental control, number of guest network device and number of user on the network.
  3. While setting the router in the network, on the configuration page it will ask you for a username and password. Make sure that you have given password which is strong enough to protect your network. It is always advisable to use a password as a alphanumeric combination.
  4. Even after a careful installation, sometime it has also been noticed that the router doesn’t get installed properly. The reason may be many and among all the most common reason of not getting installed is unresponsive response to the IP form the web browser, there is chance of setting the router with an IP other than 192.168.1 and inability of the web browser to accompany the network.

In fact there is nothing to worry, just follow the troubleshooting procedure available under the “help” column else take the help of the customer care representative on the toll free number of the routers manufacturer.