How to avoid buying feminine hygiene products

The gender-neutral products being advertised by some brands on the market are “feminine”.However, this may be because they are products that are aimed at women, such as car decal and feminine hygiene care.The Gender Neutral Labelling Scheme for Car Decals and feminine Care Products has come into force since 2016.The scheme states that: “a carRead More

Which gender is best for men?

Men have been struggling with gender roles for years.But it wasn’t until recently that we’ve begun to fully understand that there are significant differences in the ways men and women experience emotions.In this article, we’ll discuss what it means to be male and how to become a better man, whether it’s through education, self-care orRead More

How to fix a problem with a caro feminine care problem

A friend of mine who lives in California has a problem: her caro is in terrible shape.Her caro’s paint is peeling off the dashboard and her seats are wrinkled.The tires are worn and the roof is leaking.She’s not sure why, but she thinks it’s because she’s not wearing enough clothes.“I think it’s just too dirty,”Read More

When you’re an office girl: ‘We need to make it easier for women to have careers that work’

In 2016, the government introduced legislation requiring all employees to be registered with a female-dominated gender-neutral identity.It was an incremental step, one that had a lot of potential.Women are less likely to go into professional roles that require a lot more formal training and experience, and women in STEM fields are disproportionately underrepresented in thoseRead More

Which women are the most likely to buy feminine cars?

The most popular brands of feminine cars are still the best-selling, with some brands seeing a decline in sales.The latest figures from the FCA show that the top four most popular feminine cars, which make up 86% of the market, saw a drop in sales of 2% in 2015, with sales falling from €4.76bn inRead More

This is why you should never take the time to learn how to make an app

It’s a common complaint among developers that the software they’re working on is difficult or time-consuming to learn and that the developers are “doing it wrong” because they haven’t been taught proper coding.This has been a theme of our conversations in recent months, and one that has spurred a lot of conversations.We’re here to help.We’veRead More

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