With the every passing days the use of modem and router escalates, in fact the modem and router has became a common house hold name. People use the modem for the purpose of converting the digital signal to analog where as the router is used to connect the internet by picking the best path between two points in the network.

While using the internet sometime you might have noticed a fluctuation with the speed of internet. As a result of which the unloading or uploading activity may get hampered and at that point of time you will give a thought to know the speed of your internet. The internet speed checker will let you know your exact internet speed. What

Its Christmas time and your girlfriend will anticipate a gift from you. So you should not leave any stone unturned to make her day special with a special gift. The Christmas gift is not only a tradition but also it shows your love towards your girl friend. Yes picking the perfect gift for your girl friend is a tough job

Only few days left for 25th December and some of you may have started shopping for your boyfriend or men on this Christmas. Some other may be planning to purchase the gifts for your boyfriend. Now this article will help you to purchase the perfect gift for your boyfriend or men on this Christmas. You might be aware that men

The Christmas is celebrated to refresh the memory of birth of Christ. On this occasion people used to greet each other and celebrate the festive moment. If we will go back to the history on the early day’s people used to great each other with an informal way that is by writing an English admiral in 1699. This trend was