‘Glamorous’ Libra feminine hygiene care brands have been given permission to sell products in India

Lately, many of the best-known female grooming brands are trying to enter India, but there are some things to be wary of.

First, the Indian government has banned any advertising of their products in public spaces and it has even restricted their sale to designated beauty shops and beauty salons.

This has led to the likes of Libra, which sells feminine hygiene products in bars, hotels, supermarkets, malls and even private residences.

The brand is not a big seller here in India, which is a big problem for them, said Pranay Keshav, managing director of the company.

But now, the government is making sure that their products are available to everyone.

The government is now giving permission for the sale of Libras feminine hygiene product in retail outlets and restaurants, said Keshavan, who is the founder of the brand.

The products sold in bars and hotels are already approved by the ministry of health, and there are no objections, said Rajan Bhattacharya, senior vice president and director of product management at Libra.

He added that the government has already approved the brand’s products for sale in private hospitals, but he said that the company is still waiting for approval from the ministry.

“We have no plans to sell any products in hotels.

But if the government allows the sale in restaurants, we would gladly accept it,” he said.

The brand has also started marketing products in the private sector, including beauty shops, cafes and malls.

Keshav said the brand has started selling feminine hygiene and anti-aging products in private malls in several Indian cities, and in one city, Mumbai, it sold more than 2,000 products.

The brand has even started selling products in beauty salon outlets in some cities.

The government has also said that it will allow women to purchase feminine hygiene brands, if they have to purchase products directly from the brand, but the company has said it will not sell products from its own product line.

Keshavan said that while the brand is selling feminine and anti -aging products, it is also marketing its products in its beauty products line, which has an average volume of 50 to 100 products per month.

Kelanji said that Libra will continue to sell feminine hygiene, as well as anti-ageing products, as long as the government permits them.

When the government grants these permissions, he said, the brand will continue selling its products.

Bhattachararya said that there are other brands like Libra and Todera, which are not allowed to sell in public places in India.

“But they will continue if they get permission,” he added.

“I am not concerned about this, as I am confident that they will not be allowed to advertise their products here,” said Kashi, who was in New Delhi for the launch of the Libra line.

The product line is designed to appeal to women in India who are interested in women’s hygiene and beauty products, said Bhattachi.

“Our product is designed for people of all ages.

Our products are affordable, and our products have an array of skin-softening ingredients, too,” he explained.

The company has also launched a feminine beauty line in the past, but it has only sold about 100,000 of the products, Bhattatchary said.

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