How to write a ‘feminist’

article It’s not uncommon for people to find it easier to write about topics that they feel “safe” in their own skin, rather than what is perceived as “common sense.”

However, when it comes to gender issues, there are a number of things that are completely subjective.

For example, a feminist writer might consider how a male writer feels about a female protagonist’s character, how a feminist author might feel about how a man would write about a woman, or even the topic of whether a woman would like to be a “boss” to her boss. 

When you’re talking about gender, the opinions and feelings of those in the gender minority are of paramount importance.

As a result, a gender neutral or non-binary writer will often take on topics like these in order to help create more inclusive writing. 

This article will go over some common things a gender-neutral or nonbinary writer might feel when it came to writing about gender issues. 

I’m going to assume that you’re a woman and you’re working on something like a sci-fi story, which is usually the most challenging thing to write. 

It’s also important to remember that writing about this kind of stuff is subjective. 

So, without further ado, here are a few tips to help you write about gender in a gender inclusive way. 


Make it gender neutral I have no idea how you can write a sci­fi story that isnt gender-specific. 

But, you can do it! 

In a nutshell, if you’re writing a sci‐fi story with an explicit gender-based subtext, there’s no need to use gender neutral language. 


Avoid using “they” or “them” to refer to people of the opposite gender (or non-gender) gender If you’re using the pronoun “they,” it’s probably not a good idea to use it to refer exclusively to people in the opposite sex. 

Also, don’t use the pronoun for a specific person, even if that person is a character. 


Avoid referring to a character by their pronoun (or “it” or other) The pronoun “it,” especially in the first few paragraphs, can be problematic. 

The gender-queer community uses the pronoun to refer solely to people who identify as other-sexed, or who identify more as a gender non-conforming, group. 


Avoid being critical of people for not being gender-conformist This can be particularly problematic if you are a writer with a female-to-male (FTM) character.

The way to write this is to refer the character to her or his male or female sidekick, rather that the writer specifically refers to the character’s gender. 


Avoid writing about how people “receive” gender or identity (or, conversely, “perceive” it) I’ve written a lot of articles about gender and race and how to write articles that are relevant to these topics, but it can be hard to avoid writing about a gender or race or gender-related issue that you may not be familiar with. 


Keep your words short and to the point You can’t always keep up with how people feel, or what they want to talk about, so write things in as few words as possible. 


Avoid taking a position that you aren’t comfortable with (or that you would regret) In some cases, you might be unsure whether or not a gender and/or race/gender-queering issue is important or relevant to your story. 


Avoid a lot This means that you can’t write a story where a woman is a boss or a man is a badass and not make the characters feel as though they are, in some way, superior to the people around them. 


Avoid talking about things that you have to say in order This is something I’ve heard quite a bit.

I’ve personally struggled with this, but if you have, I recommend checking out this guide on how to avoid “talking about stuff” and writing better articles. 


Keep the writing short and avoid lengthy paragraphs One of the best ways to avoid a lot is to keep your writing short, and avoid long paragraphs. 

If your article is about a sci–fi or fantasy story, it’s best to not spend more than about 5-10 minutes on the topic. 


Keep a consistent tone If writing about people of color, write stories that are more inclusive. 

You don’t have to write something that is “white, male, straight, straight-identifying,” but you can instead write something about a variety of backgrounds and experiences. 


Avoid making assumptions about people’s gender or sexuality If a writer is trying to create an inclusive setting, they will often write stories about a lot more than one person of the same gender.

When writing about something like gender and sexuality,

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