How to save on your health care expenses

NEW YORK — A new survey shows that while people who drive their own cars are still more likely to get injured than those who drive for hire, there’s a major difference between the two types of drivers.

The latest study, released Thursday by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Center for Insurance Research and Policy Research, found that while those who have driven themselves for a few years are more likely than those hired by a third party to be injured, the gap between the numbers is much wider than that between those who work for someone else and those who do it for themselves.

Drivers are more than twice as likely to have been injured in a car accident as those who were hired by someone else, the study found.

Even more shocking, the results show that those who worked for someone to get hurt were four times as likely as those hired to be hurt.

The study also found that women were twice as often as men who were injured in car accidents.

Among other things, the researchers say, these findings indicate that it’s time for a rethink of the concept of “job-based insurance.”

“We know that employers have incentives to hire people who can provide insurance to protect them and to reduce their exposure to health care costs,” said Andrew Kolodny, the executive director of the Kaiser Health News Insurance Research Center.

“But employers also have incentives that push people to use more flexible hours and fewer breaks.

We want people to be able to do both.”

For those who are working at home, Kolodney said, a job-based approach is better because it means people are more protected in the event of a serious accident.

The benefits of such an approach are not immediately obvious, however, because the study looked only at the number of accidents that were caused by the drivers’ negligence.

It also doesn’t take into account that people who work part time or on weekends are not always covered by insurance.

There are several other factors that could explain the difference between hiring people and using them for themselves, according to the researchers.

One is that a significant portion of accidents are committed by people who are using their own vehicles.

A study by the University of Chicago found that about 3 in 10 accidents involving drivers on their own are not caused by another driver, such as someone in a tractor trailer or on a motorcycle.

Kolodny said he believes that employers are more willing to take on the risk of injuries for employees than people who simply do not work for the company.

Second, he said, is the way in which insurance companies are trying to promote the concept that car insurance is a job requirement, rather than a privilege.

The companies want people who have to work on the job to be insured because it makes the company more profitable.

But the reality is that insurance companies want to encourage people to take their cars off the road, Kolosny said.

In a recent survey, the American Automobile Association said that almost one in four people who own cars drive their vehicles for themselves and their families.

The Kaiser study found that the vast majority of drivers who are employed in their own right had a positive experience with their employer.

And in all, the respondents who had worked for a third-party vehicle-insurance company said they had been more than three times as protected from injury than those they were hired to insure.

While the study does not say whether people who worked on their car for a job are more or less likely to be killed in a crash, it says that there’s no reason to think the rate of accidents is higher among those who own their own vehicle than among those hired.

The report notes that a third of the injuries suffered by people hired to drive their cars were self-inflicted.

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