‘Dancing with the Stars’ stars are being paid more than the stars they portray

By DAVID WALKER A.J. DERBY, Associated Press AUSTIN (AP) — In a world where talent is rewarded for the work they do and where women can get a raise and a new home for their dreams, dancing with the stars is still an expensive endeavor.

A new study suggests that even the top dancers are being rewarded with a paycheck far below the industry norm.

The study, published online by the American Sociological Review and the National Bureau of Economic Research, found that in a study of 4,000 women, the average hourly wage for dancers was $27.78, and the median was $24.85.

That’s a huge difference from the $70 to $100 that dancers earn in a typical day.

For a typical male dancer, the wage was about $26.30 an hour.

The authors found that while there are some exceptions, such as a high school graduation or an internship, the vast majority of the dancers in the study are working in the same occupation and are paid less than their male counterparts.

The report is the first in a series by the Sociological Inquiry Institute that looked at the pay and working conditions of dancers.

Its authors say their findings are an important wake-up call for dancers to recognize their economic opportunities and to demand more from the industry.

“The data suggest that a high number of female dancers are performing in occupations that are traditionally paid for by men,” said Daniel Linskey, associate professor of sociology at the University of Georgia and one of the authors of the study.

“And that women may not necessarily be performing at the same pay as their male peers.”

The study found that the average dancer earned about $24,800 annually, and median earnings were $22,100.

The average dancer was working in a field with a median wage of $20.75 an hour, with a typical female dancer earning $18,400 an hour and a typical man $19,700 an hour or less.

The highest-paid dancer was a female dancer who made about $27,200 an hour while the lowest-paid was a male dancer who earned about a tenth of that.

Most of the work was performed by a female instructor, though some male instructors did the work.

The women in the studies were also more likely to be employed in dance studios, where they worked in large group settings and had to train and supervise their male colleagues.

“Female dancers perform in environments where they have to compete with male colleagues and are taught to use the same tools, techniques, and skills,” LinsKey said.

“They are expected to be highly skilled and highly competitive.”

The researchers found that only 14 percent of dancers had experience working in large groups and said that the majority of dancers reported feeling intimidated by the work that they were doing.

The researchers also found that dancers reported lower levels of professional satisfaction, having more job-related stress, and that some felt pressured to perform in high heels or to wear skirts or low-cut tops.

LinsKEY said that there are many factors that contribute to this lack of diversity in the industry, including a lack of training, lack of job-specific training, and low pay.

He said that in addition to the issues that dancers face, there are other challenges to female participation in the art form.

“A lot of the female dancers I’ve spoken with are very concerned about their job security,” Lintkowsky said.

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