A feminine car name: ‘I have a lot of feminine car nicknames’

When a car comes to you, you’re not just looking for the car’s name, you want to know the car owner’s name and who they are, too.

So we asked readers to suggest names for their cars.

We asked readers what their feminine car car names are.

Some readers had very few feminine car cars and a few had multiple feminine car and gender-neutral cars, but many have multiple masculine car names.

Here are the results of the survey.

We wanted to know what you think about these feminine car terms and how they fit in with gender stereotypes.

Read more about our feminist car research.

The results of our study showed that people are very likely to pick a masculine car name for their feminine cars, as well as a masculine name for a gender-nonconforming car.

In fact, a majority of readers said that the car names were gender-appropriate, and that it was “appropriate” to name a gender nonconforming vehicle with a masculine or feminine name.

The survey also found that men tend to be more likely to choose masculine names than women.

In our data, men were more likely than women to pick names that reflect their gender identity (and in some cases, their gender expression).

In addition, women were more than twice as likely as men to choose a masculine-sounding name.

Our findings are the first to show that people pick masculine names for feminine cars as a way to express their gender.

We also found gender-inclusive feminine car naming practices may be a way for women to make their own identity more visible.

Gender-inclusivity is a way of thinking about gender that’s seen as more inclusive than “one gender is the default.”

Gender-neutral car names, on the other hand, tend to have gender-specific meaning that’s not necessarily gender-positive.

For example, many readers say they don’t like using masculine names on feminine cars.

So what’s the best way to name an unisex car?

There’s a good chance your car will be gender- and gender identity-neutral.

How to find your feminine car’s feminine name: A list of feminine names to choose from in our feminine car survey.

More on gender: Feminine car names: What are they?

What do they mean?

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