The latest on Irish beauty trend, the Femme Cleaner

The femme cleaner is the latest trend in feminine hygiene products, and now you can get one.

The product is now available at some pharmacies and online retailers including the online store, Femme Care.

The Femme cleaner is a shampoo-like liquid cleanser that’s made up of a soft cleansing ingredient, and it comes in various sizes and flavours.

There’s a product that cleanses your face in one go, or a product which cleanses the entire body in one sitting.

You can also add it to your bath water, or use it to make facial moisturisers.

It’s currently available in the US, UK and France, with a few retailers including Amazon.

The feminine cleaner costs €8.99 in the USA.

You also can buy a feminine soap with it, which is made up in the same way as the Femmeline cleanser.

The ingredients are a mix of plant-based ingredients such as olive oil, sunflower oil and vitamin E, as well as synthetic ingredients such a paraben.

There are also facial moisturiser and bath gel options, with some offering a moisturiser for facial and body treatments.

The brand’s website says the product comes in four colours: pink, blue, orange and green.

The company says it’s designed to be used at home, and you can choose from a range of brands and colours to suit your needs.

There is also a facial cleansing formula, which can be used for any skin type.

The bottle also has a feminine fragrance, which you can use on your face.

You’ll need to use it for 10 to 15 minutes before you wash your face, and then rinse it off with warm water, and there are also moisturiser capsules and body moisturiser tablets available.

There was no immediate response to queries from The Irish Sun.

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