I am not the only woman who uses this feminine care brand

A recent survey conducted by Australian women’s agency Riosa found that the number of women using feminine care products is on the rise.

The agency said that the majority of respondents are from Australia, and that the trend was likely to continue, despite the negative press surrounding feminine care.

The survey found that nearly one in five respondents (18.7 per cent) had used the feminine care product brand Rosa feminine care in the past year, up from 17 per cent in 2017.

More women use feminine care brands than ever before, the agency said, and the increase in usage is partly because of the introduction of a range of products in 2017, including the Rosa deodorant, the Rosco deodorants and the Rosie deodorante.

The brands’ success is likely to be driven by the popularity of the products, and a number of other women are also looking for a feminine care option.

Riosanh Hlady, managing director at Riosas, said the popularity was a result of the brands popularity among women, and also the brand’s appeal to older women.

“It’s not just that women are going to the beauty shops to find something to wear, it’s also that they are finding it in their home.

They’re also finding it through online stores,” Ms Hlacy said.

“We know that if women buy from a women’s store, they buy more than a masculine one, so the beauty of a feminine and masculine range is that you get the product at the same time.”

Rioses research revealed that women were the main consumers of feminine care and Rosa was the third most popular brand overall, behind only Aveda and L’Oreal.

The brand has also been able to target younger and more affluent women, Ms Hhady said.

The most common reason given for using feminine products was that they were convenient, said Ms Hllady.

The product is available in five different flavours: deodorantes, deodorizers, deionizers and deodoriser gel.

It costs $8.99 for a 10ml bottle and $9.99 each for 12ml and 24ml bottles.

The products can be bought online, and in stores, and on their website.

The RiosAvenida spokeswoman said that in 2017 Rosa had more than 300,000 customers worldwide.

“Our aim is to serve women who need feminine care with the best products at the lowest price,” she said.

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