How to avoid pregnancy on the pitch

Football Italian article It has been widely reported that there is a lack of women in footballing circles who have opted to stop having children.

The problem of lack of mothers is a major issue in Italy and one that has been exacerbated by the rise of ultra-orthodox Christian communities.

The number of babies in Italy dropped by half from 2003 to 2014, according to the European statistics agency Eurostat.

The reasons for this trend have been many: the economic crisis, social stigma, the decline of the church and the rise in immigration.

But some say that the issue of lack-of-mothers has also affected the sport.

In 2014, the Italian soccer federation announced that it would be opening a new training centre in Italy’s Campania region.

This will be home to the country’s first ‘pregnant’ academy for women.

The club hopes to train 20 women in a two-year period.

The idea of the new academy is that women will be trained to take part in the training of women who have already had children.

It is a great opportunity for women in Italy to become pregnant.

“We want to train women in all the aspects of soccer,” says Andrea Giusto, the director of the academy.

“As the sport continues to evolve, we will be able to help women in the sport.”

The women will receive training and coaching from the ‘pregnancy-ready’ women who already train in the country.

They will also learn how to play the game of soccer.

Giusta believes that the program will provide women with the best possible training to prepare them for the sport, as well as providing them with the opportunity to become mothers themselves.

It’s a positive idea, but one that is not without problems.

Giugio says that the women will not be able, at first, to compete with the men in the club.

They are required to play with the other players on the field.

But the men are also allowed to sit next to the women during the matches.

So while they are not allowed to speak with the girls, they can ask them to sit near them and talk to them.

This could lead to some tension between the girls and the boys, which can lead to problems for the players.

As a result, some of the women might feel uncomfortable at the very beginning of the tournament.

Giurgia admits that the initiative is aimed at encouraging women to continue playing football, but she also believes that this could lead some to give up.

“If we do not help the women and our club, we won’t help the men,” she says.

A new initiative has been launched in the region, however. “

In this way we can keep playing the sport without having to face any problems with the players.”

A new initiative has been launched in the region, however.

The Italian Football Federation has set up an initiative to train the ‘mother-ready girls’ in the Campania area.

They can come and train with the team and, as the name suggests, will be given training in the areas of soccer and motherhood.

According to the federation, the goal is to provide ‘prenatal training’ to women, so that they can be ready to take up the sport as soon as possible.

Giugelli has a different view.

“Our intention is to train all the girls in Campania and, for the next three years, in the province of Bologna,” she said.

“The aim is to have all of the girls who are pregnant at the age of 21 or 22.

They have to do the full training, but also the full sessions of motherhood.”

The aim is for the women to train for the first time as women, not as teenagers.

She hopes that the ‘Mother’s Cup’ initiative will help the sport improve, but that the project has not yet reached the stage where it can help women to take their own lives.

“There are many women in Campani who are in the same situation as me, but it is not something I am looking forward to,” Giugo says.

But if this project fails, it might not be the end of the story.

The ‘proud’ mothers of Campania have begun to set up their own training ground, where they will be provided with the right equipment, food and even a place to stay in the town of Briculia, near Campania.

They hope to offer a similar model to the ‘Baby Pregnant Campani’ in Rome.

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