When a woman’s car was stolen, she couldn’t help but ask a friend for help

CAIRO — A few months ago, the only way to get groceries and clothes was by going to the store.

When her husband died suddenly, the couple was left with nothing.

In desperation, the woman began researching ways to replace his old car.

She contacted the local grocery store, but the owner told her she couldn`t use the credit card she had on file because she had a bad credit history.

Instead, she decided to borrow the car from her friend.

As the car sat unused for months, the friend asked her to come pick it up, hoping she could help her husband’s family find their money.

That`s when the woman started to think about her old car, which she says was stolen when she was 19.

“It`s the only car that I had,” she told ABC News.

After several days of searching, she found it in the desert in northern Arizona.

The car was missing its license plate, registration, and registration sticker, so the woman had to get a new one.

A new one, as she found out, was $100.

But there was a catch.

The old car wasn`t a used car, and the woman wasn`ts insurance card.

So, the new car was hers.

At first, she tried to get the new card through the insurance company, but when she got the letter, the insurance agency refused to pay for it.

She also couldn` t make her friend pay the $100 interest.

Her friend, who was also a car mechanic, then decided to sell her the car, too.

By then, the car had been in the family for 10 years, and was in good shape.

While waiting for her friend to pay off the money, the old car got a little rusty.

It got a small dent and some chips and scratches.

But, the whole car was covered in mud, and her friend had cleaned the vehicle up with a garden hose and a brush.

Still, the two were able to get some decent mileage out of the car.

The woman said she hopes her friend will continue to lend her car.

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