German feminine care

German women have a reputation for being overprotective, but a new study suggests that this might be because of a cultural bias against their feminine traits.

The study, published in the journal Gender, suggests that when it comes to feminine traits, German women are viewed as less masculine than their American counterparts.

“For instance, German females are perceived to be more confident and self-assured than Americans and are perceived as being more feminine than other cultures,” study author Dr. Anna von Rücker told Reuters Health.

“This bias towards feminine traits is not simply an artifact of cultural differences in the way we see ourselves, but is rooted in our social expectations and cultural biases against femininity,” she added.

“A woman with the feminine trait is perceived as more masculine than one with the masculine trait.”

Researchers from the German Academy of Sciences conducted a survey of 7,000 German women between the ages of 25 and 40 and asked them questions about their femininity and gender roles.

They also asked about their perceived masculinity, including whether they believed their masculinity was masculine or feminine, and if they felt that their masculinity should be valued.

“These data showed that women in Germany perceived masculine characteristics more positively than feminine characteristics, as well as less positively than they do in other European countries,” said study co-author Dr. Christoph Stiefel.

Dr. Stiefle said it was the lack of confidence and self esteem that was the most surprising finding.

“We think that confidence and masculinity are two different things.

If you look at confidence and strength, the higher your confidence, the more strength you have.

But if you look only at masculinity, you find that women tend to have more confidence than men,” she explained.”

When you talk to people who are very insecure, they will talk about how they don’t feel confident and that they feel insecure.”

Dr. Rücken said the results showed that Germans had a negative view of feminine traits in general, but that they were more likely to think of feminine-like traits in particular, such as beauty, style, intelligence, and intelligence.

“The way that German women perceive themselves, they also tend to be very positive about masculine traits.

They tend to see masculinity as being masculine,” she said.

Dr Stiefele said that, as a society, it was important to think about the ways we perceive ourselves and how we perceive other cultures, and that gender stereotypes could be contributing to this.

“There is a lot of debate about how to define masculinity, and the debate is still ongoing, but I think the basic premise is that masculinity is about a sense of power and control, and it is seen as feminine, whereas femininity is about being assertive and having a sense and feeling of control over your life,” she continued.

“If we want to have a more open society, we have to accept that both are important.”


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