How to prevent breast cancer by using natural feminine products


— For the past five years, the Natural Care Group has been working to educate women on how to minimize the risk of breast cancer and help them avoid unnecessary procedures, says Susan McBride, founder and CEO of the nonprofit organization.

McBride says her organization’s work is rooted in a philosophy that women are the most vulnerable people on earth.

“We don’t want to be a culture that tells women they can’t have children and want to live their lives as women,” she says.

In her own personal journey, McBride has been battling breast cancer.

McBride and her husband, Todd, founded the nonprofit in 2004.

In 2005, McBushes founded the Natural Health Care Group to help women and families with breast cancer who have experienced treatment but have not been able to control their condition.

The group currently provides services to approximately 100,000 women and their families, according to its website.

McBushes says she is grateful to have such a supportive, loving community.

But she says she wants more women to know about natural products that can help.

Natural products, McBrians says, help to protect women from the side effects of chemo and radiation treatments, which can increase their risk of contracting cancer.

McBrians and her nonprofit partners believe that natural products can also help to lower the risk and symptoms of breast cancers in the future.

For example, natural products such as vitamins and minerals help to prevent cancer cells from replicating and causing tumors.

Natural products also help prevent breast tumors from spreading to other parts of the body, McBrien says.

McBrien says her nonprofit works closely with the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force to educate consumers about the importance of using natural products and to educate health care providers on how best to use natural products.

As a result, the group has recently partnered with the nonprofit to create an educational web site,, which helps educate women about natural and organic products.

The site also includes information on how consumers can help support the nonprofit’s work and is available at

McLaren says she and her colleagues are working on developing a program that will help women with breast cancers learn about the natural products they need to make informed decisions.

McLeod says she hopes the website will help educate women to make healthier choices.

She hopes that the website and its content will help inform women about the products they can safely use, especially for women who have had treatments and are not at high risk for cancer.

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