How to buy a ‘detailed’ car

Buyers of the best-selling Honda Civic Type R, Mercedes-Benz GLC and BMW M5 should consider buying a ‘detail’ model, according to BMW’s chief executive officer, Guido Häusler.

“It is the perfect car for the person who wants the most comfort and luxury, or for someone who likes to be creative and to be adventurous,” Häussler said.

Häusser made the remarks during a press conference at BMW’s headquarters in Munich on Monday, where he announced the launch of the BMW E46 and E48 luxury models.

BMW has sold over 50 million E46s and E49s, with over 80,000 on sale globally.

The new model line-up of E46, E48 and E50 will launch in 2020.

E46s are aimed at people who want a car that is both practical and stylish, while E48s are the more affordable E50s that are also aimed at the younger market.

These two models are aimed mainly at people in their twenties and thirties.

As with the E46 sedan, the E50 comes in two different colour schemes, with the black model available in red, black, grey, black-orange and blue.

At this point, BMW hasn’t decided whether or not to offer the new models in all other colors, but Hässer says the car is aimed at a broader range of buyers.

When it comes to the E49, the next generation of BMW’s premium sport coupe, Häsler says the coupe has been designed to be a bit more versatile than the E36 and E38 models. 

“If you want a coupe with the best aerodynamics, you will like the E29 coupe.

But if you want to go a bit further, you can go with the BMW Z4,” he said.

The E48, the successor to the current E46 SUV, is the couper’s most modern counterpart.

HäSSER says the E48 is intended for those who want something more luxurious and for the adventurous.

In fact, the couple’s most expensive model is a convertible, which can go up to $100,000.

Although Hänsler said the new E46 models are still a few years away from the end of production, the BMW executive said the cars could be on the market by 2020. 

It remains to be seen whether the E47, the sporty coupe that was introduced in 2015, will be offered as an option in all of the E series.

It’s not the first time that BMW has released a car in 2019 that was designed to compete with a high-end brand like Mercedes-AMG.

This is not the case with the new coupe as Häßer noted that BMW does not want to “try to dominate Mercedes-AmG” when it comes a sports car.

But, Hausler also said the E Series coupe is a “very different beast” to the G Series and a “more sophisticated vehicle” than the G32. 

In a separate interview, Hölldobler also noted that he expects to make some changes to the exterior design of the couplers in 2019. 

“We will do a lot of new exterior improvements,” he added.

“For example, there will be a completely new grille on the rear and a new hood that goes all the way up to the roof.” 

If you are interested in the 2019 BMW E series, check out our reviews of the models above.

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