What’s in a name? Female care brands need to be more inclusive

The name “feminine” has been around since the 18th century, and the term “care” has come to be associated with caring for children.

But this isn’t what most women are thinking about when they say “feminism” when they use the term.

In fact, the word “feminist” has a very specific meaning that’s completely different to the one we’re familiar with today.

So why do so many people use the wrong term?

To answer that, we’re going to look at the origins of the term and how it’s evolved over the centuries.

The word “sex” came into use around 1600 A.D. Women began to refer to themselves as “women” because it was believed that they were born with the same sex hormones as men.

But it wasn’t until 1872 that the word came into wider use to describe women.

As the term evolved into “femininity” in the 1960s, women started to refer more to themselves and to their careers as a way of describing themselves and their gender roles.

Feminism, however, didn’t catch on until the 1970s, when it was used to describe the political beliefs and practices of women, particularly in the United States.

The first major use of the word to describe female empowerment came from the feminist activist and author Gloria Steinem in 1972.

The term was used again in the 1970’s by the feminist writer and activist Gloria Steinberg.

In the 1980s, the term came into being as a catch-all term to describe political movements and movements that are centered around gender equality.

The phrase has been used in this way ever since, with the most recent use in 2013 by the American Family Association.

And while many women have embraced the term in their own words, others have used it in a more positive manner, using the term to denote their feminist politics.

The American Psychological Association defines the term as: “a general term for a group of individuals or groups that espouse a set of political beliefs or ideals or both.

The use of this term in reference to a group may reflect either a commitment to a particular ideology or a preference for that particular ideology.”

This usage is very similar to the use of “gender” by many other political movements.

For example, the American Civil Liberties Union used the term feminism in the 1980’s and the phrase “feminists for Hillary” was coined by feminist activist Susan Faludi in 2012.

The “noun” feminism also came into general use in the 2000’s when it became part of the lexicon for women’s rights advocates.

This usage, along with other similar political movements, came into prominence during the election year of 2012.

Feminists who were vocal about their political beliefs were targeted by conservative politicians in both parties.

This was especially true during the 2016 presidential election, when some prominent Republicans used the “narrow gender gap” as a key campaign talking point.

As part of this campaign, conservative Republicans used “gender gap” in reference both to the gender gap between the male and female candidates and also to their views on abortion.

Many people also used the word in a positive manner when they referred to themselves or their gender as a political identity.

For instance, in the 1950s, political scientist James A. Buchanan and sociologist Mary Ann Hobbs coined the term feminist as a term for the progressive, women-only movement.

They called this movement “feminazis,” which is an acronym that means “women for feminism.”

A feminist is someone who wants to end the gender inequality that exists in society.

This political ideology has been called a “political philosophy” because the ideology aims to abolish sexism and other oppressions and inequalities in society, including race, class, age, sexuality, and disability.

“Noun” feminists often use the word when they describe themselves or a group as a movement.

For some, the political term is a way to say that they identify as a “feminazi” or that they are a “gender feminist.”

Others use the phrase to describe themselves as someone who “identifies as a feminist,” a term that is used in some conservative circles.

For others, the phrase can be used to express a sense of solidarity with a political cause.

For the political-science scholar Sarah Tresser, the use for the term can be a way for someone to feel more connected to an issue that they care about.

“I find that this term is very important to people in feminist spaces because it’s a term people use to express their support for the movement,” Tress, who is an associate professor of political science at Northeastern University, told New Scientist.

“And the term is used not just in feminist contexts, but in a lot of other contexts too, which makes it a very important term.”

It’s also important for political activists to use the name because it gives a sense that they’re connected to issues.

For a lot the term comes across as a rallying cry for

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