Former COO of Mercedes-Benz says women-only Mercedes-Benzes will be banned

Mercedes-benzes will soon be banned from the US because of gender discrimination, a former COO has told the Financial Post.

Key points: Mercedes-driving culture was built around women’s equality, says Anita NairThe move is being taken because of “a culture of fear”The move has been opposed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which has warned it would “set a dangerous precedent”A recent survey of nearly 4,000 female managers in US auto companies found that only 5 per cent reported that they had experienced sexual harassment.

But Anita Nart, a partner at Perkins+Will and former president of the American Automobile Association, said the move was being taken “because of a culture of concern”.

She said that although the industry was built on a belief in equality, women are still often “burdened with a culture that encourages them to be quiet”.

“Women’s fears and anxieties about being judged or judged unfairly are still too often felt,” she said.

“Women in their twenties and thirties are still being taught the same lessons as their male colleagues about what is ‘appropriate’ behaviour in front of others, even if they are not the ones with the responsibility.”

Ms Nart said that Mercedes-Drives in the US were only allowed to drive in designated spaces.

“We are not allowed to be in the parking lot,” she told the FT.

“The parking lot is not a safe space for women, particularly young women.

It’s a place where people are being judged on their looks and what they wear.”

She said Mercedes-Banks in the state of Delaware had a policy that only allowed women drivers to enter the car.

“I remember one day, when I was there, we were going to drive down a very steep hill in a Mercedes-backed convertible,” Ms Nart told the publication.

“They were not letting women in, and the only women on the vehicle were in the back seat.”

That’s not what a Mercedes should do.

Mercedes-branded cars need to be the safest and most capable.

“Ms Koss said the shift in Mercedes-drivers’ attitudes was one that was taking place in the auto industry as a whole, and she welcomed the decision to ban the cars from the country.”

This is the beginning of a new era for women in auto,” she wrote.”

It is a positive sign that women are beginning to make a difference, and that the industry is finally moving in the right direction.

“These are the brave women who have risked everything to change the culture of harassment and misogyny in the automotive industry.”

Ms Boesch said the decision was also a step forward for the country, which was still struggling to break down the cultural barriers that had kept women from entering the field for decades.

“There are so many barriers in the car industry, so many stereotypes about how we’re supposed to drive,” she added.

“But the fact that this is happening is really encouraging.”

Ms Yannick said she was pleased to see Mercedes-moving to the forefront of the push to make the industry more inclusive.

“When I first started at Mercedes-Amerika, the women’s drive was the only option for women,” she continued.

“If I was an engineer, it would have been unthinkable for me to be a woman.

But I am happy to see that we have finally moved to the front line of that conversation.”


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