Why are women not using tampons anymore?

The world is a much better place with tampons in place, but it’s hard to say whether the world is actually better off.We need to see more women use them.We have a lot more to learn about how they work, how they affect health and how they can help prevent diseases.But for the first timeRead More

The latest on Irish beauty trend, the Femme Cleaner

The femme cleaner is the latest trend in feminine hygiene products, and now you can get one.The product is now available at some pharmacies and online retailers including the online store, Femme Care.The Femme cleaner is a shampoo-like liquid cleanser that’s made up of a soft cleansing ingredient, and it comes in various sizes andRead More

How to stop your car from getting distracted by women

When you take the first step toward taking care of yourself and your car, you should know how to properly balance the needs of men and women.If you’re worried that you’re driving an overly masculine car, this article will explain how to balance the demands of women and men.

How to make your feminine care brand shine in 2017

When it comes to making a feminine care product, it’s no easy task.It’s also no fun to find that your products are made with less ingredients, more colors, and less products, said Lisa Lichtman, founder of the online boutique brand, The Feminine Care Company.The company has made feminine care products for over a decade andRead More

The NHL’s latest news

The NHL announced Friday that it will play a pair of games Saturday night against the New York Islanders, which would be the first time the two teams meet since the 2010-11 season.The NHL is hoping that the Islanders and Capitals, who are playing for the Eastern Conference’s last wild card spot, can put theRead More

‘I was so sad’: Woman finds $1,000 on Amazon.com

A woman found $1 in a package from Amazon on Amazon’s UK website.It was an order from Amazon that she couldn’t open.The package was a gift for her sister, who had been diagnosed with cancer.It had an address in London, the same address she used when she first got the package.She had received the packageRead More

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