A Guide to Avoid Pregnancy

Most of the couple prefers to take the assistance of a doctor in getting the right method to avoid the pregnancy. In fact this article will guide you in the right direction to avoid the pregnancy. We have done all our homework to offer you the most precise information in avoiding the pregnancy. Just follow this article to know about all the methods available to avoid pregnancy and chose the one which suit you.

According to medicals science there are mainly 4 methods available to avoid the pregnancy and these steps are:

  1. Physical Method or Barrier method
  2. Chemical method or Hormonal method
  3. Personal Behavioral method
  4. Surgical Method

Physical Method or Barrier method:  This is considered as the Avoid Pregnancysafest and smartest method of pregnancy. Even though at the earlier stage people have not adopted these steps, now this method is considered as the first choice for people in avoiding pregnancy. The physical method of avoiding pregnancy mainly comprises of condom, female condom and diaphagram.

  1. A condom is nothing but a latex cover need to be worn over the penis before the sexual intercourse. As a result of which the sperm will not be able to meet with the ovum and the chance of fertilization can be avoided. More over the condoms are easily available with a cheapest price.
  2. A female condom is pretty same as that of condom only it has to be worn in the vagina. The female condom comes in a pouch with ready to use.
  3. These are nothing but a cup like structure with spermicidal gel need to be inserted inside the vagina. As a result of which at the time sex when the sperms comes out of the penis the spermicidal gel will prevent the chance of fertilization.

Chemical method or Hormonal method: Under the hormonal control method the birth control pill is used to avoid the pregnancy. Popularly these are called contraceptive pills. The active ingredients of a pill are synthetic estrogen and progestin hormones. These ingredients are very much capable of avoiding pregnancy by preventing the fertilization process.

In addition to the contraceptive pill the other methods are use of IUD (Intra Uterine Device) and use of other hormonal devices.

Personal Behavioral method: This method is more towards control not much to do with and physical or chemical method.  Fertility awareness is something which you must be aware of. Awareness in the sense which is the fertility time of your partner, when was the last menstrual cycle, checking of the vaginal mucous and absenting from vaginal intercourse. All the above steps mentioned above come under the behavioral method avoiding pregnancy.

Surgical Method: Female sterilization and vasectomy are the two surgical method of avoiding pregnancy. Under Female sterilization method the fallopian tube will be removed as a result of which the women will not able to fertilize he egg and the pregnancy can be avoided.   If you are going for Female sterilization method always keep in mind that this is non-reversal method and you may not be pregnant in the future also.

Similarly under vasectomy method a surgery will be done to block the vasa deferentia so that it will prevent them from mixing with semen. Hence the pregnancy can be prevented. Like Female sterilization it is not is non-reversal method. It can be reversed at the time of need.

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