How to make a ‘feminist’ business

A new breed of feminist business is emerging in Silicon Valley, and it could make the world a better place.In a new book called How to Make a Feminist Business, author Sarah Shook tells the story of the start-up Lean In, which is building the next generation of feminist businesses.Shook is the CEO of theRead More

‘Lolita’ actor gets paid $5 million to play a woman

The actor behind the hit animated sitcom Lolita is now a major player in the female care industry.The actress, whose real name is Tania B. Jones, will receive $5.3 million as part of the $35 million deal that also includes an additional $10 million in creative fees for her role.Jones will be the latest femaleRead More

New York magazine profile of ‘Mama’ author Jane Jacobs on her own work, her family, and the power of her work as an author, activist, and writer

by ANNE HALLANANANDA New York, NY (NYT) The New York Times is a publication with a long tradition of championing women and girls in politics and policy.For decades, its contributors have helped to shape the way we think about women and the roles of women in the public and private spheres.And while that tradition hasRead More

The Feminine Car Colors tutorial for organic feminine care

You probably didn’t know that you could buy organic feminine car colors on Amazon.And now you do.The organic feminine colors on the site are a lot more affordable than the expensive ones you see on the internet.The organic feminine products range from the organic carousel to organic fragrances, and all of them are great options.Here’sRead More

How to pronounce Walgreens’ feminine care brand

The name Walgreen’s feminine care is synonymous with feminine hygiene products and feminine care products.But the brand is now trying to shed its “masculine” image, the brand’s chief executive told ESPN.The brand, which was founded in 1982, has been trying to shift its focus to the feminine side of things since 2014.Walgaware recently launched theRead More

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